Bathroom renovated by our architects
PROJECT Multidisciplinary space
USE Office, Art Gallery, Space for events, etc.
AREA 110 m²


Opn· is conceived as a hybrid and flexible space. Open· is an office, a showroom, a stage for events, a showroom or a clandestine restaurant. It is an architecture that is not only able to hold and change with any different uses, but also brings them together and allows them to coexist.

From the original space, the bare minimal is removed, creating a game and a constant tension between what is projected and what was existing. Layers and layers of old paint are removed from the walls and cealings letting the history of the space be uncovered. The essence of the place is shown. The pre-existing architecture from decades ago, enters into dialogue with the matter of the intervention.

Opn- is a space, a place that serves as both protagonist and background for any of the uses we can imagine for it.

The plaster contrasts with the steel of the exposed electrical installation, the hydraulic tiles coexist with the epoxy floor, the beams and pillars stand out against the white metallic luminaires and all this is articulated around a mirrored cube that unites, divides and multiplies the spatial tension in equal parts.

Its plaster, old and worn, serves as a (not so) white canvas that sometimes tears and reveals the brick of the load-bearing walls of this building from the 1930s.

The rhythm of the pillars is respected and embraced, being followed in the spatial definition and routes of the room.