Bathroom renovated by our architects
PROJECT Psychology, sexology and couples therapy center
USE Centro médico
SURFACE 180 m²


In this Psychology, Sexology and Couples Therapy center, the patient’s connection with himself and with his interior is searched since the conceptualization of the project.

The project entitled “Walking Barefoot” leads the patient, through a pink micro-cement flooring, continuously throughout the entire space and from the entrance, or the most public, area to the consultation, or most intimate area. A large curve made with wooden paneling separates both worlds, the external and the intimate, while providing softness and comfort to the space with its materiality.

Bathroom renovated by ours architects
This differentiation between the outside world and the intimate is also reflected in the height of the ceilings, which collect you in the consultations, and in the different lighting of both uses.
Doors are hidden thanks to the paneling, leaving consultations hidden to make them something intimate and private.

The pink micro-cement flooring leads the patient through the entire space in a continuous manner and it is the wood that hides the consultation rooms, creating a hidden, intimate, and private space.