Bathroom renovated by our architects
PROJECT Apartment for a couple
and their dog
USE Residential


Renovation of a 65m2 apartment in which we aimed for light to flood all its spaces. The 1920s layout of the home, made up of a long corridor and four minimal bedrooms, is eliminated to achieve an open-plan concept flooded in light and natural ventilation.

The structure of the house is divided into two load-bearing walls parallel to the facades that condition the open plan concept that was intended. However, thanks to these load- bearing walls it was possible to differentiate the night and day program. In addition to this, a large open living-dining-kitchen area is created while being visually and spatially separated thanks to these load-bearing walls.

A wonderful game of green and bluish tones is discovered when lifting the existing “gotelé” and it becomes the essence and driving element of the renovation project.
The game between the old and the contemporary takes on a special role in this project, becoming an up to date home while still showing its history.

The texture of the existing walls appears on the façade and load-bearing walls of the day area, enveloping the user and rooting the intervention in the place and its history.