Bathroom renovated by our architects
PROJECT Grantia Capital Headquarter
USE Office
SURFACE 570 m²


Grantia´s headquarters are planned in La Finca, in a 570m2 space where the two fundamental areas of the company must co-exist, the office and the utilities area.

An open plan concept is proposed in most of the space and a series of offices as a requirement of the client and their business activity.

The utility spaces such as the kitchen, the toilets or the rack room are hidden behind blue paneling, the company’s new corporate color, which also serves as a storage area and coat rack.
Most of the existing elements such as the carpet or the glass partitions are reused and transformed to adapt them to the new design and to make them speak the same language as the rest of the intervention.

A corporate blue paneling divides the office area from the more utilitarian areas. It also becomes a flexible and fun element for employees and visitors.